Sunday, February 22, 2015

Today I thought I'd share some of my latest thrift store finds. When you're out thrift store shopping, don't overlook something simple because it isn't the right color or needs repair.  

Use your imagination and picture it with a new coat of paint or used in an unexpected way in your home. If you shop with that in mind, you'll always find cool treasures because you have an eye for what it could become.  

This cabinet that holds keys is a great example. It's well constructed and solid (I believe it is oak) and I picked it up on a recent trip to a thrift store.  I could see its potential to be really cute...not all 80's "oaky" (is that a word?) well anyway, out with the 80's oak and in with a little shabby chic love.  

I took all these pictures with my phone...nothing fancy here today.  



How about this beautiful dish from Johnson Bros, England...guess how much I paid for this? ONE dollar...yep...I couldn't believe it.  It had a broken handle that I simply reattached with a little E6000.  I'm not selling it so I knew I could fix it and love it...isn't it pretty?

Take this shelf for example...almost all of the items are thrift store, estate sale, vintage or antique store finds...the only new item is the dream sign.  Get creative and you can create a space you love without spending a fortune.  

With a little creativity, the possibilities are unless!  If you need inspiration or ideas, surf Pinterest, decorating blogs (like this one ;), HGTV or the blogs of your favorite show host.  I'm currently in love with the style of Joanna Gaines, host of Fixer Upper...I love her style and the homes are amazing when she puts her stamp on them.  If you're looking for a few goodies but have no time to hunt for bargains, please check out my Etsy Shop under the Marketplace tab on the blog...I'm adding new items almost daily and am just gettin' started! 

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