Monday, March 30, 2015

One Space, Three Ways! The Last One!

It's amazing how quickly three months can go by, isn't it?  I'm here with the last installment in the challenge.  My sofa table look for April -- kind of like the kid who just left One Direction...(boohoo)...well, it took another direction ;)  I couldn't resist, really....

This month I'm bringing in a very familiar sign of April with some wooden painted eggs piled in an iron stone chamber pot and a really lovely plate I found recently.  I brought the blue box back into the mix.  I love the color and height it provides.  This arrangement is seriously simple and keeps the table uncluttered. I've been battling a bad sinus infection for a week and I'm lucky I even pulled this much off to finish the challenge!  I really wanted to add a vase of flowers, but was trying to only use what I had on hand.

Have a great day! 

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