Monday, March 16, 2015

Pets & Decor

Happy Monday!  I have two dogs, two adorable, snugly sweet boxer fur kids.  They have taken over the couch in the living room and land wherever it appears most comfortable, the floor, the bed, the couch, in the sunshine beaming through the front door on a sunny day.

If you're like me and have pets, it's likely you've made decisions about your decor based on the pets in your house.  For instance, I would love to have a white slip covered couch, but the reality is, it would end up with dog prints on it within an hour.  This I know.  So, I opted to stick with my leather couch and love seat and a steady supply of blankets for them to lay on.  It works.  Oh the things we do for our pets....I've cut a hole in outer wall of our half bath and installed a dog door.  I've lost many items to a bored dog or two that decided my throw pillows would be much more fun if they were in the backyard.  Or, the small throw rug that one of them decided could be pulled out the dog door and into the yard while we were gone.  Shenanigans!  This doesn't happen often, but it has happened on occasion. This little cutie has also been known to grab loaves of bread off the counter and take them into the yard for a carb loaded feast.  She hasn't done that in a very long time, but it happened a couple times over the last 8 years.
What design decisions have you made based on your pet?  Ever buy a piece of furniture or not buy it, based on your pet?  If you have, you're not alone!  Our pets are so much a part of our families that we try to accommodate them and their needs as well as our own.  After all, we brought them into the house and they live there too, right?

These are my fur babies...I love them dearly. 

I found an article on recently that shared pictures of pets and the places they live.  It's a cute assortment of animals, take a look at it here.

I've been away visiting Seattle since last week, I'll share some fun things about my trip soon. 

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