Monday, August 3, 2015

How To Organize Your Movies!!

Today I'm bringing you a flash-back post from my former blog, with a tip I still love so much!!!

If you're like my husband and I, we love movies!  We love going to the movies or renting movies or watching them on tv and from our personal collection.  We have more than 300 dvds.  I have to admit, that 95% of them are my husband's so I married into a huge collection and then added a mere handful of my own.  My contribution? A small assortment of romantic comedies mostly.

When we were newlyweds, I had organized several shelves dedicated to the dvd and vhs movies which worked well in our family room in our old house.  When we moved to a new to us house and lost a family room, I knew I needed to figure out a new solution.  The VHS has since been boxed up and stored, but the DVD collection needed to be downsized so that it didn't take up so much room.

One of my absolute favorite tricks for organizing came from fellow bloggers a few years ago.  Here's what you'll need to do:

1. Purchase enough of these containers to house your collection. I found these at Best Buy, however you might find them at places like the Container Store if there is one in your area.  I was able to fit about 100 movies in each container.

2. Use a binder to list all titles alphabetically and leave room for additions.  I left a few blanks so I could add movies as needed.  We have pretty much stopped buying DVDs so this has worked fine.  Jen over at I Heart Organizing shared this great inventory sheet back in 2011 when I did this project. I looked and it's not available anymore, however you can create your own list pretty easily, doesn't need to be fancy!  Sorry about the dark pictures, these are from 2011. 

3. Convince husband to part with the dvd cases (or in our case, he insisted we keep them so I put them in a tote in the shed).  Out of site out of mind, but we'll toss them someday, maybe.

4. Put on some music or your favorite show and get to work!

Each sleeve has a number that will correspond with your worksheet.  It could not be easier!  It will take some time for you to do this if you have a ton of movies, but it will be worth it. 

Our entire collection fits into these 3 containers, nearly 300 movies!  Even better?  These boxes fit right under the tv in the media cabinet.  I keep the binder right on top of the containers. 

Have a great day friends!

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  1. Wow! You have an awesome movie collection!!!!!

    Thanks for the organizing tips!

    Happy day friend!


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