Sunday, August 16, 2015

New Wine Cart!

I love wine. I do. I don't love all wine, but I do think I love it enough to allow me to say that I love it and mean it.  I was wandering through Kohls the other day and stumbled upon this cute industrial inspired wine cart.  It was 80% off.  Yes, too good to pass up, and I also had a 30% off coupon.  Did you hear the angels singing just then?  Yeah, me too.  Here it is all stocked and ready for action.  Pay no attention to the missing baseboards...nothing to see here...move along ;) Those are next on the list.  I really think the cart is cute and fits perfectly in this space.  I love that it's on wheels and if I ever need to use it for something other than a wine rack, the rack and glass holders are removable.  I moved the commode chair that was here previously over in front of the other window. 

I'm working around the house today getting ready for a fall home tour which will be featured here on September 5th. I've been busy reinventing and trying to use things I already have to change it up around here for fall.  I'll probably post two fall tours, one in early fall and one later when the pumpkins are out. To me, fall doesn't really start until the leaves are turning and I can actually find pumpkins! It's a little early yet! I am actually really ready for fall this year though.  How about you? It hasn't been a long summer, but it has been a hot one!


  1. What a pretty piece! And 80% off with a 30% off coupon....they paid you to take it away!

    Happy day friend!

    1. Thanks Karianne! Yes, they did pay me to take it, lol...I'm so glad :)


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