Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Easy Coffee Sack Wall Art

I finally found it!  The perfect frame for my favorite burlap sack.  I've had the sack for a couple of years and have been casually keeping my eye out of the right frame.  Well, that day came when I was browsing a local thrift store and found this cool frame for $7.99.  I couldn't grab it fast enough!  The thing was so big it didn't fit into the cart.

Once upon a time it was gold and it looked like someone sprayed black over the top.  Perfect, just right for my project.  I touched it up a bit here and there with a little black spray paint, but otherwise it is just as I found it.

 Since the day my brother gave me the burlap coffee sack I have loved it and wanted to frame it.  I couldn't bear cutting it up so I sat it aside and waited.  I love the heart and wing logo.

This project could not have been any easier, I only used my staple gun, that's it!

The frame is huge but looks small on this wall...I'll be adding to this two-story high wall over time so that's okay for now.

Have a great day friends!

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