Tuesday, November 10, 2015

A Swoon-Worthy Blog to Share!

Have you ever found a website or blog that you just fell in love with and you couldn't wait to share it with everyone?  Well, I found such a blog a few months ago but I can't read it! 
It's a lovely blogger named Vibeke from Norway and it's written in Norwegian.  I don't speak Norwegian, so I'm glad that google will translate, even if it is a little rough in terms of the translation.  The images on this blog are divine, I don't even need to read it, I just want to look at it!  The styling of the photos, the subject matter...so sweet, so simple so well done.  So much eye candy! Please take a minute for a visual treat, I think you will enjoy it.  Click on the picture below from Vibeke Design....

Vibeke Design

In the meantime, I'll thinking about winter decor and can't wait to share some new pieces I found recently for the mantel.  I've also been sucked into the vortex of the Hallmark Channel...I can't stop watching those cheesy holiday movies! 


  1. I love that blog, too!!!!!!!!! She has the best styling ideas. :)

    Happy Hallmark watching!


  2. Thank Karianne! I know you love those Hallmark movies too ;)


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