Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Summer Lovin', Magnolia Market and Hitting The Pause Button

Summer Lovin' had me a blast...this song is stuck in my head at this moment! Yes, it's August and I haven't posted a single blog post since May.  I've been posting projects on Instagram and Facebook but just haven't had the time to sit and compile any posts.  I've done hours of yard work, hours of home improvement projects and cleaning and hours of planning for my parents 50th wedding anniversary that was this past weekend...oh, and working a full time job and traveling. 

The coolest thing I did this summer was by far planning my parent's 50th wedding anniversary celebration and my trip through Waco earlier this summer when I stopped in at Magnolia Market.

I'm a wee bit tired! Our vacation has been pushed back until the end of September which is killing me!  I long for a week to be disconnected for reality and sit on the beach and walk the shore and collect sea glass and shells and sleep in. I need a little time to reconnect with me.

I will warn you, this post is a long one....

Taking a break from my blog this summer has helped me realize that I'm just not in love with blogging anymore. I am, to my very core, a creative creature.  I love decorating and crafting and home improvement projects and sharing on social media, but I've come to a point where keeping up with a blog isn't where I want to spend my time.  I have been tossing it around in my head for months and I think it's probably time to step away.

In the nearly 7 years since I started blogging, the time commitment involved, the shear number of hours to learn all the back office things like SEO, marketing, sponsored posts, how to make money, and competition for readers is not what I loved about blogging when I first began this journey.  I don't really care about SEO or sponsors or making money blogging.  I started to get caught up in it and overwhelmed by it.  The only thing I cared about was sharing my passion and having a few followers that would actually read my blog and the social interaction.  Let's face facts, I am not a consistent blogger and for that my readership was always low, this I know.  I can't crank out content for the sake of keeping readers interested so when I had something to share I shared it.  There were times that I was actually bummed that I wasn't chosen to participate in a blogger home tour, challenge or the chance to promote a brand, whether a company or a fellow blogger.  If you don't have the blog traffic or followers you're not even given a second thought..oh makes me laugh now just thinking about it.

Thank you to those that have taken the time over the years to read and comment on my posts, that has been a blessing and has always been truly appreciated!

There is one fellow blogger that I would like to thank and that is Karianne Wood from Thistlewood Farms.  Karianne is a true rock star.  She has given me guidance and advice openly and honestly and has been a real inspiration to me throughout this journey.  Thank you Karianne! I adore you and hope we can meet in person one of these days!

Is this goodbye from the blog forever?  Well, yes, most likely...I think it's time to begin a new adventure. So, for now I will say goodbye from the blog and I hope to see you on Facebook at Lilac Drive Designs Lilac Drive Designs or on Instagram.  I will continue to share my projects with all of you in that format going forward.  

Thanks for the blog love and I wish you all the best!


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